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"Platinum Adventures"

It all started with a stone. The band went out under the alias Platinum Adventures, playing at the Cafe Adria to kick off a legacy that would be known for years to come.

Gaining Momentum

They played in local restaurants and bars, slowly growing their fanbase over various age groups. They played in good spirits, waiting for their big break.


The band was discovered by a record label in April 2012, a rare instance of serendipity. It would be a great beginning to their remarkable story.

Inveterate Aspirations

Their childhood dreams were beginning to play out. In June 2012, their first album "Here's to the Good Times" amassed countless accolades.

Loss and Renewal

After going through hard times with the loss of loved ones, band members Matthew, Adhiv, and Will came back with a purpose. They rersolved to bring back the good times, the halcyon moments. Thus the band name was born: Halcyon Echoes.


Headlining their widely renowned anthemic composition, Halcyon Echoes has risen to international prominence. Their band is widely regarded as one of the most influential of all time.

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